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All new accessible Handmade CSS Design Business Social Network

25 Feb 2010

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Our business social network, Handmade CSS Design has been developed with an attractive design, greater visitor interactivity and the use of the latest in technology.

The navigation has been researched and developed so as to be as simplified as possible enabling the fastest possible route to the services offered by us.

The project management, e-marketing, development and design of Handmade CSS Design was carried out by N. Haitas & A. Sobotis, who dedicate themselves to the development of ALL the signature range of Handmade CSS Design projects.

The new business social network now offers “Section A” and “Section 508” accessibility compliance, as well as “VisCheck” compliance for visitors with colour vision deficiency; the site is also semantically correct allowing it to be “IBM Screen Reader friendly” for our visually impaired visitors. As can be seen we have aimed at making this business social network as accessible to all as possible by complying to the “DDA guidelines” and we are very proud of this fact. This business social network has also been validated using “WAVE” and their accessibility validation tool.

We also now as a standard feature carry out validation of our “RSS” feeds over at “feedvalidator.org”. Well it’s nice to know that we’ve got you covered!

If you are visiting us using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), you will have noticed that our new business social network makes use of transparency and both advanced CSS and HTML techniques, which are not supported by IE6. We decided to stop supporting IE6 as the latest numbers from W3Schools shows that usage of IE6 has dropped to 10%. This however does not mean that should a client require their product to operate fully in IE6, that we would not develop it for them; we have just decided that it was about time for us to remove this as a standard development feature.

The new business social network is also completed by its Web 2.0 compliance and its modern cross browser friendliness and has been tested in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 for PC
  • Internet Explorer 8 for PC
  • Mozilla Firefox for PC
  • Google Chrome
  • Flock for PC
  • Safari for PC and Apple
  • Netscape Navigator 9 for PC and Apple

We hope you enjoy browsing our new business social network as much as we enjoyed developing it. Your opinion is important to us for further improvement and development. Please feel free to feedback to us with your constructive comments here.

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You may remain informed as to all of our latest news and events via the RSS 2.0 feed that you will find here!