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Importance of trust and Malware Attacks!

30 Sep 2010

Image of Malware Attack as shown in Firefox of a blog page

Today I received my emails and a list of new followers in Twitter (@handmadecss is where you can follow us) and as I was reading their tweet stream I found a tweet that was of interest and clicked on the link to read more… To my surprise the page that the link led to was a “Malware Blog Post” as seen in the print screen I took featured above…

Now the blog was a trusted site to which I have personally gone to many times and found their articles to be both informative and interesting, but this “Malware Attack” now makes me suspicious and as a result makes me doubt the original trusting relationship I had with the site. I am almost certain though as a developer that this is not an intentional attack from the vendor of the site, but you are simply never 100% certain, so that’s the last time I go to that blog and possibly the last time a lot of other people will go there.

Image of the Verisign Trust Seal

Now all this could have easily and affordably been avoided all together with a Verisign Trust Seal (as mentioned in our previous post “We become VeriSign Trust Seal Partners”).

Well this leaves me with one more thing to add, the moral of the story…

Time and Effort!

Think about the following questions…

  • How much time and effort have you invested on your site content and the development of a steadily increasing visitor base to your site?
  • How hard was it for you to gain your visitors trust?

Now, you can also see how easy it is to lose months maybe even years of hard work in one foul sweep.

The Solution…

Remember trust means business, especially when it comes to a website! Get your site, backed by the most trusted name in online security Verisign™ today. By adding an exceptionally affordable VeriSign Trust™ Seal helps bring trust to your business online, regardless if you are a blog, portfolio or business social network site.

Ongoing Protection for Your Site and monitored by Handmade CSS Design

What will this seal do to protect me from these attacks?

VeriSign scans your site for malware on a daily basis. If malware is detected, the seal is automatically turned off and we here at Handmade CSS Design and you are immediately notified of the attack. Handmade CSS Design as part of our service will then jump into action and contact the VeriSign Trust Centre portal so as to gain detailed information to help you remove the malware. After the malware removal is confirmed with a simple rescan, the seal is automatically displayed again. So no sweat there then, we’ve got you covered!

Oh and no extra time or effort needed on your behalf to find a resolve, now isn’t that nice!

Learn More

For more information and pricing policies about the VeriSign Trust™ Seal’s and SSL Certificates, call us on +30 693 62 66 644 or send us an email here we will be more than happy to discuss your options and offer you the perfect solution for your blog’s, e-commerce’s, portfolio’s, business social network’s needs.

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