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Industry Recognition Award from Hot CSS Design for Viladonis Electrical Services

14 Nov 2009

Image of Hot CSS Design featuring Viladonis Electrical Services

Today is yet another fantastic day, Nico Haitas and Aris Sobotis have just received another industry recognition award this time for Viladonis from Hot CSS Design. This is our 1st award as Handmade CSS Design and 5 awards to date for Express Publishing’s various websites.

This marks a total of six industry recognition awards to date, and just this week 3 awards, WOW!

What is Viladonis?

Viladonis are Electricians who carry out projects from industrial to commercial and home automation, they are specialists aiming at the research, implementation and supervision of Electrical Installations, Security Systems, Fire Safety Systems, CCTV, Entry Phones, Home and office Automation, Transport and Storage of Picture, Networks PC and Telephone Network Centres.

Why is this important?

Well sites belonging to electricians are generally very poorly coded, no design elements and worst of all have no content with which to draw visitors.

With Viladonis we were given the opertunity of a lifetime to change this perseption of these types of websites. Furthermore the site’s handmade code is completely accessible to all, has been tested for colour vision impairment and is super easy to navigate and use meaning a further attraction for the awards. Not forgetting that it has been tested and works in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Flock and Chrome, phew what a mouthful.

What is next for Viladonis?

Well as you may have noticed Viladonis does not yet have an e-shop, this is a forthcoming feature of the site and will be available to all in the later part of 2010… We will let you know when this takes place.

What can you do to help?

Please go to Hot CSS Design (which can be found here… http://hotcssdesign.com/1523-www-viladonis-gr.html) and give Viladonis a star rating or you may write your comments for the site’s coding and design. No need to be a specialist to write a comment, but please you do need to be honest. We use these comments to further improve our site design and development in the future, so that the interfaces may be friendlier and easier to use.

Thank you all in advance!

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