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Social Networking equals Increased Revenue for your Business

13 Oct 2010

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While speaking to the CEO of a well known Greek company the other day, I realised his deeply held reservations as to what profit social media can bring to a company (especially his company). Of course he was referring to immediate profits tied to revenue.

I started to feel depressed: how could I explain to a CEO that ROI (Return On Investment) is not only what we sell tomorrow (literally), but how we can get tomorrow’s customer to bring us more customers i.e. his/her friends, family and colleagues?

We cannot focus on the traditional sales hit of one customer at a time with an eye kept firmly on the next-day’s sales. There are so many more days beyond tomorrow: those are commonly known as long-term benefits, which are exactly what social media offers a business both large and small today; all it takes is the human touch and getting your clients to relate to your business on a personal level, whilst ensuring that you do not become a “Social Stalker” (Companies which do not listen to their customers and take advantage of social media to bombard their customers with Spam) as this will have the opposite effect for your business and end up driving customers away by the hordes.

So does your CEO still need to see Euros, Dollars or Pounds perhaps? We here at Handmade CSS Design have some great news for you!

Please watch the outstanding video we found on Social Nomics and you will see how some companies boosted and increased their sales relying heavily on the social media and you can do the same to.

Feel free to share it with people who still feel that they need convincing of the benefits of Social Media, so as to help them get rid of their social networking reservations, and whet their appetites with the possibilities that social media can bring to their business, and yes lots of well earned revenue to boost.

For a complete company evaluation and consultation on eMarketing and Social Media feel free to drop us an email here or give us a call on +30 210 347 7124 to discuss competitive rates for our in-depth company analysis, review and face-to-face consultation.

Image of the cover of the book Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business by Eric QualmanWe would also like to recommend the outstanding book:

How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business by Eric Qualman

For which the video above was made for to directly show you the benifits of Social Networking for your business and can be purchased at Amazon.

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