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We become VeriSign Trust Seal Partners

20 Aug 2010

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VeriSign Trust™ Seal and Handmade CSS Design Bringing Trust to Your Business Online

Great news, due to popular demand for the inclusion of security to the site packages we offer, we here at Handmade CSS Design are now in the proud position to offer to all our clients Verisign SSL Certification, Trust Seals etc. Now if you are a skeptic on these matters keep reading, this article applies especially to you!

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Huh? So…

  1. What does this mean to me and my business?
  2. Why should I spend extra money on Trust Seals?
  3. What will I get out of the deal?
  4. How much more precious time will I have to invest in my website?
  5. How will this reduce the bounce rate in my site?
  6. Who or what are Verisign?


The lists of questions are endless regarding this issue. Let’s see if I can summarize…

You’ve invested time and money in your web site — developing great content, optimizing it for search engines, and using the internet to draw new customers into your business. But once visitors find you on the web, how do you get them to buy, click, or call? You have to build trust — it’s an essential ingredient for a successful web site.

Your site, backed by the most trusted name in online security, VeriSign Trust™ Seal helps bring trust to your business online, regardless if you are a blog, e-commerce, portfolio or business social network site. It lets you display the all important and instantly recognizable VeriSign seal — a symbol of trust shown on over 90,000 web sites in 160 countries and recognized by 86 percent of online shoppers. And the VeriSign Trust Seal offers safety features for your site and your customers — ensuring that the trust and reputation you build is protected.

Trust Means Business

VeriSign’s strong name recognition, combined with innovative security features, strengthens your brand and helps you stand out among your competitors. VeriSign Trust Seal lets you:

  • Display the #1 Internet security brand to your consumers – As the world’s best known and trusted online security brand, VeriSign instills trust and recognition on many of the largest commercial web sites in the world. You can use this same brand recognition to establish credibility and help your site look more professional.
  • Increase site traffic by reaching customers early in the purchase cycle. VeriSign Trust Seal makes your link stand out in search results in enabled browsers and VeriSign partner sites, helping you draw more customers to your site.
  • Increase sales and reduce bounce percentages and shopping cart abandonment. In customer case studies, the presence of the VeriSign seal helped increase online sales by an average of 24 percent, with results ranging between 10 to 36 percent.
  • Reduce the risk of being blocked by search engines and browsers. Avoid getting blocked by search engines and browsers that automatically detect malware — malicious software that hackers can inject into your web site — with automatic detection and reporting for quick remediation.

How It Works

VeriSign Trust Seal shows your site visitors that your identity and web site have been verified by the leader in online security. Verisign do that by:

  • Verifying your business, organization, or individual identity using established and proven procedures.
  • Authenticating that the domain (how your web site is registered) is owned or controlled by the verified account.
  • Confirming that the web site has passed a daily malware scan.

Auto Installation by Handmade CSS Design

After VeriSign confirms your identity and site ownership, and your site passes the VeriSign malware scan, the VeriSign Trust Seal is ready to be installed on your site. We will then automatically install the script into your site’s code for you (As all existing Handmade CSS Design clients already know, we will automatically do this for you!). When customers click on the seal, they can see that your blog, portfolio, business social network, e-commerce, web site etc have been authenticated by VeriSign, and that your site has recently passed a malware scan.

Ongoing Protection for Your Site and monitored by Handmade CSS Design

Going forward, VeriSign scans your site for malware on a daily basis. If malware is detected, the seal is automatically turned off and we here at Handmade CSS Design and you are immediately notified of the attack. Handmade CSS Design as part of our service will then jump into action and contact the VeriSign Trust Center portal so as to gain detailed information to help you remove the malware. After the malware removal is confirmed with a simple rescan, the seal is automatically displayed again. So no sweat there then, we’ve got you covered!
Oh and no extra time needed on your behalf to find a resolve, now isn’t that nice!

Seal-in-search: Reach customers before they reach your site

With the VeriSign seal-in-search functionality (Seal-in-search is enabled through VeriSign partnerships with third party technology providers and web site owners. VeriSign is working to make seal-in-search as prevalent as possible but does not guarantee its availability.), customers who install a simple browser plug-in and find your site through popular search engines will see the VeriSign Trust Seal next to your listing on search engine results pages. Customers will also see the seal next to your products or company name on VeriSign-partnered web sites, including trusted comparison shopping sites.

This seal-in-search feature can help you stand out from your competition, allowing you to build confidence in your site and reach customers before they even visit your web site.

Who Should Use VeriSign Trust Seal?

Any organization or business that has a web site or web presence can benefit from using VeriSign Trust Seal. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the VeriSign Trust Seal is ideal for:

  • Ecommerce sites using third-party shopping cart or payment solutions
  • Local businesses and professional services providers
  • Ad supported sites that want to increase conversions and referrals
  • Blogs, business social networks, business portfolio websites, wikis, or other informational sites that need to establish trust
  • E-learning providers securing both transactions and student data

VeriSign Trust Seal and VeriSign Secured Seal — What’s the Difference?

Image of the Verisign Trust SealVeriSign Trust Seal is an extension of the established and highly trusted VeriSign Secured® Seal. The VeriSign Secured Seal means that a site is secured by a VeriSign® SSL Certificate and authenticated by VeriSign.

VeriSign Trust Seal provides an effective way to establish trust on a site without installing an SSL Certificate. However, if your web site Image of the Verisign Secured Sealuses SSL, you must use VeriSign® SSL in order to display the VeriSign Trust Seal.

Why VeriSign
93% of SSL-using Fortune 500 companies and 87% of the largest Internet retailers in North America trust VeriSign (Including VeriSign and its subsidiaries and affiliates) to protect their customer’s web-based transactions.

About VeriSign

VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) is the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world. Billions of times each day, VeriSign helps companies and consumers all over the world engage in communications and commerce with confidence. Additional news and information about the company is available at www.verisign.com.

Learn More

For more information and pricing policies about the VeriSign Trust™ Seal’s and SSL Certificates, call us on +30 693 62 66 644 or send us an email here we will be more than happy to discuss your options and offer you the perfect solution for your blog’s, e-commerce’s, portfolio’s, business social network’s needs.

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