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We join Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals…

15 Jul 2009

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Today is a memorable day for us here at Handamde CSS Design as we have just formed part of the Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals.

The Network was looking for a team with the most advanced development capabilities available currently on the internet who also offered outstanding return on investment, flexibility, transparency, honesty and reliability that only we could deliver on budget, on target and on time, every time.

To our customers this comes as no surprise as they are used to our exceptionally professional approach.

So why on earth did we join Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals?

Well, the whole team here at Handmade CSS Design were very impressed with Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals, especially the professionalism of the Network and the streamlined work ethic; that is identical to our very own work ethics here at Handmade CSS Design. These include honesty, transparency, return on investment and most of all the very best professional tailor-made solutions for each client individually. That was an instant match.

Who are the folks at Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals?

They are a team united by their expertise so as to create a network of freelance professionals who are able to undertake all the processes required to support / create a company / business which is either at the point of creation or at any stage of its development.

What do they offer?

In the ever changing world of business filled with harsh competition, the Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals come to offer the perfect tailor-made solutions focused on raising the bar in your business and business profile in the market place, all this whilst helping you reduce your operational costs.

Who are their clients?

The main client base comes from professionals who have undertaken the decision to create their own business or company but do not wish to be involved in all the time- consuming procedures required in the set up, establishment and organization of a business.

What role will Handmade CSS Design play?

Due to our large variety of Internet based multi-faceted expertise we formed the new eMarketing and Internet section of the Network offering all of our expertise to its clients. Some of the solutions we will be providing are…

  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO) – implementation or consultation
  • eMarketing – Internet based advertising, Marketing, Social Marketing, Banner development, Logo design, User interface design, etc.
  • Site development – E-shops, Blogs, Business social networks (BSN), Company portfolio sites, etc.
  • Interactive Materials – Flash based interactive materials from Banners, Games, Interactive promotional company portfolio on CD or DVD for clients to multimedia applications.
  • Tailor made hosting solutions – on Linux or Microsoft Servers.
  • To further simplify the process we now also have our very own professional product photographer (Eleni) to capture your products on digital film, then take the images to our graphic designer (Evy) to photoshop edit them and finally the perfect integration into the site.

Well and a whole lot more…

Why not pay us a visit and take a look at our page in the Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals; you never know the Network may be offering the perfect solution that you are looking for.

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