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Tutorial2: Safari support for rounded borders on an embedded image

Image border for Safari

Welcome to Handmade CSS Design’s second tutorial, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

With more and more people making use of Safari on a PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone compatibility for this browser is all the more important. more >>

iOS & Android friendly Web Animations from Adobe Edge

Image representing the article - iOS & Android friendly Web Animations from Adobe Edge

Ever since CSS2.0 and the introduction of the semantic web, I have been opposed to the use of Flash internet animations, for all sorts of reasons, such as…

  • Not being Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Friendly
  • Requires the Adobe Flash plugin in order to view the animation
  • For more complex animations requires a lot of CPU (Central Processing Unit) power to drive the animations.
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Tutorial: Complex site backgrounds without CSS 3

image of Tutorial1 - Complex Site Backgrounds without using CSS3

Welcome to Handmade CSS Design’s first tutorial, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

CSS 3 is all the rage now and rightly so, but it has its drawbacks, one of which is a lack of support in older browsers. As we all know support for older browsers is sometimes imperative, so CSS 3 gets moved to the not so critical points in the development of a site.

Here I will be showing you how to create complex multi-image backgrounds for your sites that are even compatible in IE6!
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Power of Social Business Networks vs. old school marketing

Image stating Yes, you've got a website, who hasn't? At Handmade CSS Design we can turn it into a powerful Business Social Network for you, helping you build relationships, engage your clients and see your business take off!

The power of word of mouth traditionally brought businesses valuable “client trust” before they even knew your business! All this because a friend who they trust recommended your business based on their experience of your business/product or service.

Business Social Networks work in the same way a client recommends your business to a friend on Facebook, Twitter etc but because your client’s friends also have friends this then networks your company to them even if they do not want or need your business/product or service at this time they will remember that Jack their friend recommended a company for their need in the past, this is how trust is built, expanded exponentially and then converted to profits…
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What is HTML5 and why all the fuss?

Image of the HTML5 W3C Badge

Image of the HTML5 W3C Badge
To date HTML5 has been a “draft specification document” by the W3C and as I am sure all developers are glad that we will finally get to have an official release date announced which is July 2014. This will mean that the W3C will then officially recommend HTML5.

Huh, why are you talking about this now, when the official launch date is so far away?

Well to be honest most modern browsers already support most HTML5 specifications and with the use of graceful degradation we can get around the browsers that do not support HTML5 yet. Furthermore a more important date is that of July 14th 2010, which is the cut of date announced by the W3C by when no more additions to the new specification will be accepted.
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