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Tutorial2: Safari support for rounded borders on an embedded image

Image border for Safari

Welcome to Handmade CSS Design’s second tutorial, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

With more and more people making use of Safari on a PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone compatibility for this browser is all the more important. more >>

What types of colours are good for different sites?

Image of splash of colour for your site

Starting the year in a colourful mood, we decided to celebrate this by answering a common question asked by our clients… “Which colours should I use for my site?”

As we know colour is crucial in helping to entice a visitor to your site and help make your site stand out amongst the crowd, but applying the right colour can be tricky and can if not done correctly drive the potential visitor, customer or information seeker away. Colour will not only communicate the mood of a site or landing page but also influence the viewer’s actions, leading to a bounce or a conversion!
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Holiday Shutdown 2010


Just a quick reminder that the Handmades CSS Design offices will be closing down today for Christmas. Thankyou to all our clients and visitors alike for another wonderful year!

We need to rest our PC’s reboot our operating systems and generally just rest and spend time with our families, so that we can be in fighting form for the coming year.
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Social Networking equals Increased Revenue for your Business

Image of Social Economics Share for your business

Image of Social Economics Share for your business

While speaking to the CEO of a well known Greek company the other day, I realised his deeply held reservations as to what profit social media can bring to a company (especially his company). Of course he was referring to immediate profits tied to revenue.

I started to feel depressed: how could I explain to a CEO that ROI (Return On Investment) is not only what we sell tomorrow (literally), but how we can get tomorrow’s customer to bring us more customers i.e. his/her friends, family and colleagues?
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Importance of trust and Malware Attacks!

Image of Malware Attack as shown in Firefox of a blog page

Image of Malware Attack as shown in Firefox of a blog page

Today I received my emails and a list of new followers in Twitter (@handmadecss is where you can follow us) and as I was reading their tweet stream I found a tweet that was of interest and clicked on the link to read more… To my surprise the page that the link led to was a “Malware Blog Post” as seen in the print screen I took featured above…
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