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Tutorial2: Safari support for rounded borders on an embedded image

Image border for Safari

Welcome to Handmade CSS Design’s second tutorial, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

With more and more people making use of Safari on a PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone compatibility for this browser is all the more important. more >>

We become VeriSign Trust Seal Partners

Image of Verisign and Handmade CSS Design

Image of Verisign and Handmade CSS Design

VeriSign Trust™ Seal and Handmade CSS Design Bringing Trust to Your Business Online

Great news, due to popular demand for the inclusion of security to the site packages we offer, we here at Handmade CSS Design are now in the proud position to offer to all our clients Verisign SSL Certification, Trust Seals etc. Now if you are a skeptic on these matters keep reading, this article applies especially to you!
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Regularly requested Domain Name extensions and their description

Image of the domain name extensions

Here at Handmade CSS Design we are regularly asked by clients “what URL I should use for my blog, portfolio website, business social network etc.?”

To help or clients decide easier we have compiled a list of the most discussed URL’s (in our offices at least!) and their descriptions so as to help our clients select the appropriate domain extension for their website.
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Industry Recognition Award from Hot CSS Design for Happy Hearts

Image of Hot CSS Design featuring Happy Hearts

Over at Express Publishing’s Web Department Nico Haitas who formed part of the development and design team of the new Happy Hearts Microsite have just received another industry recognition award this time from Hot CSS Design. This is our 6th award for Express Publishing’s various websites to date.

This marks a total of seven industry recognition awards to date.

What is Happy Hearts?

It is a FREE English as a Foreign Language micro site for young learners at primary level, complete with downloads, press outs, home activities etc. It is also a FREE resource for teachers of the course as it has many useful resources for them to download. Also the site features an interactive introduction of the characters to the students, for which there is as always an accessibility friendly version below the interactive contents.
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End of Life for IE6

Image of IE6 RIP

Image of Internet Explorer 6 Rest In Peace

Internet Explorer (IE) version 6 was released back in 2001. While IE 6 was adequate when it was first released, over the last 8 years the Internet has become a central target for viruses and exploits that IE 6 simply cannot combat. In response to these changes, Microsoft has since then released two full version upgrades of their IE Browser line, the latest version to the market being IE 8. In the coming months Microsoft will be ending all support for IE 6.

Microsoft’s Official End of Life (EOL) for IE 6 is dated July, 2010.

IE 7 and higher have introduced many needed web page formatting and security enhancements that improve user’s Internet experience and better protect users from web site based attacks more effectively.
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