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Aggelopoulos Animated Logo

Flash Animation

Our client asked us to as part of the sites brief to focus on the fact that Aggelopoulos is a Network, which was reflected in the Logo Design created by Handmade CSS Design and to find a way of expressing this without words.

We decided that the only way to depict this forward thinking method in working was to animate the logo, which leant itself to this form of animation, we pitched it to the client who loved the idea and so it was done. The concept is simple as all good concepts usually are.

image of a quotation markEach square in the Aggelopoulos logo depicts a part of the whole network, therefore one part of the network cannot function without the other and together the sum of the squares forms Aggelopoulos Network. This sum working together reaches the goals image of a quotation mark
as a team pulling together which optically and literally then forms the letter “a” as can be seen above.

This powerful visual statement is also realised in the working practices of the Network as a whole.


Article by: Nico Haitas
Logo Copyright: Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals (In English and in Greek)

Creative Commons LicenceAggelopoulos Logo Animation by Nico Haitas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at handmadecssdesign.com.

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