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PGS Packaging Services

Logo Design

Image of the PGS Packaging Services Logo

Image of PGS Packaging Services Logo in black with a white backgroundPGS Packaging Services asked for a logo that was minimal, represented their eco sensitive principles and that it made a strong impact also that it depicted the dual function of the company which is boxes and bags. Furthermore it was also vital that the logo could be instantly recognisable even in the dinky black or white single colour form found discreetly on the packaging they produce.

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to make use of the Font “Kashmir”, customising and modifying it to produce the result you see in the 3 lettersPGS Packaging Services Logo in white with a black background P,G and S. The modifications give the font a knife like cap, so as to symbolise the fact that all of their products are produced from design to final production by PGS Packaging Services.

In keeping with the eco principles of the company, the only colour to use to communicate this clearly “green”, I then made use of a rounded square which represents a box and exploited the elongated nature of the now modified “Kashmir” to form the handle of a bag above the square, making the form of the logo now conform to the dual nature the company serves.

Technical bits and pieces

  • In the design of this logo I used Adobe CS4, in particular Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Font face used Kashmir, modified and customised for PGS Packaging Service.


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