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Set Festival

Showcases of European Theatre
Brand Identity

Image of the Set Festival Logo

In short

Image of the Set Festival Promotional Logo
Back in 2007, a new independently organised festival in Athens, Greece, aspired to bring together and expose selected European theatre artists to the Greek audience.

The logo of such festival should combine and inspire friendliness and prestige, reflecting the openness of the Theatre Arts and the success of certain European Theatre Companies and Artists around Europe.

The three colours carefully chosen for the three letters of SET: Light Blue representing the Greek sky under which the artists gathered; Green for the eco-friendly philosophy the festival incorporated in all its procedures and ran through every aspect of its organisation; Warm Orange representing the Greek sun and the friendly hospitality the festival offered to the artists and the warm “welcome” by the Greek audience.

The logo was designed to have a perfect look both in print (posters, programs, flyers and marketing collateral) and for the web.


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