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Viladonis Electrical Services

Logo Re-design
Site Recognition Award by: Hot CSS Design

Image of Viladonis Security Services Logo

Viladonis Electrical Services asked us to update and as they had said to strengthen yet simplify the the brand identity. The new logo had to also reflect the varied functions of the company which are PTZ Live Camera’s both day and night, Automation Systems, Security Systems, Entry Phones, Electrical Installations and Fire Protection Systems.

We responded to the challenge with a minimal, modern yet instantly recognisable logo which reflected the diversity of this company. Some of the styling indicators such as the “V” of Viladonis which is shaped to resemble a shield as seen by the bearer from the backside, promoting the feeling of security behind Viladonis Protection Systems whether it be high end automation systems or fire protection systems. To further highlight the forward thinking nature of this company we decided to underline the “Viladonis” name with a real barcode which if scanned reeds “Viladonis Security Services”.

Image of the back button

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