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Loulis the marionette

Artistic Photography

Image of Loulis the Marionette

The Hand Puppet named Loulis

Marionette photography provides great opportunities for clever composition, creative lighting and a chance to have some fun. The secret is to breathe life and personality into the marionette puppet being shot. I believe this photograph really helps Loulis come to life.

This is an artistic photograph of Loulis – my favourite bird hand puppet.

This is a photo from a marrionette website due to be released in 2010, should you be intrested, we will keap you posted as to the release date of this site and members of our RSS feed or Feedburner feed will be the first to see the site whilst undergoing its beta testing.

Technical bits and pieces

My camera’s is a CANON EOS model 50D and for this shoot, I used an EF – S17 – 85mm f/4 – 5.6 USM lens.

I prefer to shoot this type of photo using the creative zone settings so as to get the desired shutter speed and/or aperture to obtain the results I want…


Article and Photography by Eleni Nikologlou

Creative Commons LicenseLoulis the Marionette by Eleni Nikologlou is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Greece License.
Based on a work at handmadecssdesign.com.

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