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PGS Packaging Services

Product Photography

PGS Packaging Services first product photo shoot

PGS Packaging Services commissioned me to photograph a variety of products for his website.

The brief from the client was as follows:

  • That the colours be true to the real colours of the products.
  • Give the products a 3D feel that made them seem as though they are jumping out of the screen.
  • That the final images have their backgrounds removed and replaced with white, black and transparent.
  • That the images be resized to a much smaller version for the websites thumbnails.
  • Finally that the images be resized for the larger image size used by the site and not kept in their original size.

The challenge was with the hundreds of different lighting conditions I had to create so as to achieve the very best colour comparison possible between the original container to be photographed and the final photo produced.

Out of the over a thousand images that I handed over to the client, I have selected some of my favourite images and placed them in the gallery below for you to browse (the rest of the images are available or will be over the next few months in PGS Packaging Services website).

In the photography of products my interest is to make them look their absolute best, and I always try to give each product photo the individual attention and time it deserves. The results are evident being both beautiful and clean, with the individual items being depicted in the very best light possible.

Technical bits and pieces

My camera’s is a CANON EOS model 50D, but for this shoot I used to many lens types to be listed here.

I prefer to shoot this type of photo using the creative zone settings so as to get the desired shutter speed and/or aperture to obtain the results I want…


Article and Photography by Eleni Nikologlou

Creative Commons LicencePGS Packaging Services Product Photography by Eleni Nikologlou is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Greece License.
Based on a work at handmadecssdesign.com.

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