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Leirilivro Video Presentation

Internet Product Video Presentation

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Leirilivro, a book dealer and distributor in Portugal, asked Handmade CSS Design’s – Aristotellis Sobotis to produce a 2-3 minute video presenting the key features of Upload 5 Ano, an ELT book for the Portuguese ELT market. The video had to focus on the key features and the ELT methodology of the book, and it should address the community of ELT teachers. Finally, the video would be available through Leirilivro’s Upload 5 Ano micro site and YouTube.

The video presentation was based on the book itself (in pdf format), as well as the Interactive Whiteboard software which accompanies the book.

Technical bits and pieces

We used zooming and panning to focus on the important features of the pages of the book and also screen captures of the accompanying interactive whiteboard software (IWBs). Various effects and the appropriate transitions give a TV look and feel. For the soundtrack of the video, we prepared an original piece of music (composed & arranged by Aris Sobotis).

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