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Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals

Business Social Network

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In short

Aggelopoulos Network of freelance Professionals needed a website which targets businesses which are either at the point of creation or at any stage of their development.

Our design concepts for the site were developed around our clients specifications that the site be: clean, professional, minimal and yet exceptionally friendly to the visitor. We were also requested to to design an original logo representing the network. The multicoloured logo depicts the multifaceted nature of the network. We decided to use Image of the Aggelopoulos Colour Coding Systemcolor coding (taken directly from the Logo) as a key visual indicator in the user interface to help the visitor navigate efficiently and directly with a maximum of two clicks of the mouse (Internet protocols recommend that there be no more than three clicks).

To balance the vivid colours, we decided to use only some light grey styling elements against a white background. As for the text, in the coloured areas we used white and for the rest of the site we used a dark grey and orange for the links.

SIte functions

Fully integrated twitter application which allows complete access and updating via the backend of this business social network. In the sidebar the visitor can also find a direct link to the central linkedin account of aggelopoulos.net. The site also features fully validated feedburner and RSS2.0 news aggregators.

Furthermore, each professional has their own dedicated contact form and an email application in the backend to deliver incoming messages to their inbox as well as the administrator.

image of a quotation markThe whole team here at Handmade CSS Design were so impressed with Aggelopoulos Network of freelance Professionals that in 2009 we became members of the Network. The professionalism of the Network and the streamlined work ethic which focuses on our very own work ethics here at Handmade CSS Design such as honesty, transparency, return on investment and most of all the very best professional solutions tailor made for each client individually made for an instant match.image of a quotation mark

Find out all about the team, how and what we offer here.

Link to the site:

Aggelopoulos Network of Freelance Professionals – www.aggelopoulos.net

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You may remain informed as to all of our latest news and events via the RSS 2.0 feed that you will find here!