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Law Office of Mr. Dionisios and Dimitrios Seloulis and Partners
Business Social Network

Image of the BCAid Index Page

In short

A few months ago the Greek government opened up the Legal Profession here in Greece. With the opening of the Legal profession it also effectively meant that Greek Lawyers now faced even more completion.

The Law Office of Mr. Dionisios and Dimitrios Seloulis and Partners approached us to develop a Business Social Network for them whereby they could promote their services and develop a professional online community.

The brief

We were requested to design the site making use of grey as the main colour and orange for the highlights and that the site was connected to their central LinkedIn Professional Account. Furthermore we were asked to add both RSS and Google Feed burner Email RSS, which would keep their visitors constantly informed the minute a new post was created.

The details

Main Navigation

Close up image of the Main Navigation in BCAid
The current and hover states of the main navigation were developed using CSS 3 so as to reduce the amount of images used on the site whilst ensuring that the site was still fully functional in browsers that do not support this feature. The search field was designed to resemble a cut out revealing the site’s background.


Image of the Sidebar detail in BCAid

The sidebar containers were generated using CSS 3 yet again, except for the orange detail and the horizontal line which are images.

The Sidebar across the site changes according to the needs of the area it represents so as to minimise the clicks a visitor has to make to reach the content of interest.

Main Content Area

The clients area was developed with the assistance of David DeSandro’s jQuery Masonry and the result creates an area filled with the law firms clients where there are no CSS float gaps getting in the way, we connected it to the database and the easily updateable results are evident.

Image of the Client Area in BCAid


The forms were all styled using CSS 3 and as always degrade nicely for those using browsers that do not yet support these techniques. As forms are particularly tricky and hated by most we have used a hover state which helps define and identify the form area which you are currently using.

The Captcha code for the site was developed so as not to be intrusive and can be read easily by human beings, who after all have to use it, whilst still offering the desired security against spam.

Image of the forms found in BCAid
There are so many more details that can be discussed here but the best for you is to visit their site and see it live.

Within the next month we will have also developed the English version of the site, so keap an eye open on our Twitter page – @handmadecss so as to be one of the first to be notified!

Link to the site:

Law Office of Mr. Dionisios and Dimitrios Seloulis and Partners – bcaid.gr

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