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In short

Export Link approached us to produce a static site in record time (3 days! from start to finish) which would showcase the company to it’s buyers in the US and the UK. Export Link mainly export Greek Wines and Greek Olive Oil consumers in the US and the UK market place.

The inspiration for the site design was the olive oil green, and we wanted the design, even though it is a small site to reflect the quality of the products, whilst retaining a clean minimal look and feel. One of the challenges was the content which was mainly text and how to display it in the best possible way, we adopted for the now defining dropcap as seen at the begining of every paragraph, mixing Georgia with the clean modern Verdana to depict the mixture of old and new.

In the graphical interface of the site we added a green filter to all the left hand side images so a to tie them into the site design better and ensured all the right hand side images were with white backgrounds to contrast with the pale green vertical band which runs behind them. To further tie the site with the open nature of this young company, we made sure not to add a background to the site and allowed the text to create a natural definition for the sites border left hand border defining the site further.

Link to the site:

Export Link – exportlink.gr

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