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Finezza Remodeling

Business Portfolio Site

Image of the Finezza Remodeling Business Portfolio Site

In short

Finezza Remodeling needed a site which would showcase the jobs that they have carried out for their clients over the years, which also highlighted the diversity and breadth of the company. The site had to also be as simple as possible to maintain from a remote environment though a smartphone or iPhone.

Our design concepts for the site were based on our clients need for a site which represented their professionalism and customer commitment. We developed the site so that it would suit the “nomadic” style of working so as to be updateable via an iPhone application whilst out on-site wherever they were in Greece without the need to go back to their physical offices and PCs. We were also requested to design the original logo for Finezza Remodeling  which focused on the professionalism of the company. The logo consists of a set of cubes which stand for stability and strength. The red faces of the cubes stand for power and speed combined with confidence. The black faces stand for elegance, sophistication, and a touch of mystery.

Put to the Test

Suffice to say that we here at Handmade CSS Design were so impressed with their workmanship that we invited Finezza Remodeling to carry out some jobs at our offices in Athens. We found Finezza Remodeling to be all that they had promised and more, based on our experience we would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Link to the site:

Finezza Remodeling – Finezza Remodeling

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