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Site Design

Image of the Index Page of the Fivess Website Design

In short

We were asked to develop the Graphical User Interface for the site. The brief from the client was that the design be modern, cheerful, colourful and with large prompt to action buttons.

The details

We decided to use stick figures to represent the client’s community in the main promotional area of the index page with some of them holding the number 5 representing the fivess service which they had purchased. With a big bright Orange promt to action area asking you “What would you do for 5 Euro?” and then the video button right next to it to drive home the fivess concept.

Image of the Fivess Main Promotion Area
Further more the sidebar of the site becomes more minimal as you drill down and finally reach an individual fivess service where only the vital information is available so as not to distract the person viewing the page and allowing them to focus on the reason that they are there, to purchase a fivess or add a new fivess.

We are pleased to announce that the site has now been soft launched in beta format and can be visited via the link below. We have been advised that the site should be out of BETA mode in the next month and we look forward to seeing this exciting site in it’s final form.

Link to the site:

Fivess – www.fivess.gr

Image of the back button

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