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In short

www.mooselanguageschools.gr needed a website which targets students and parents alike. The site had to include a private area for “Moose at Home™” where the students could get assistance from their teachers at home with any topic discussed during a lesson. The site also had to include an area for upcoming exam dates and student exam results as www.mooselanguageschools.gr is also a Test Centre and finally be connected to their Facebook (known as Facemoose) Page and last but not least allow the school to include Video and Audio in an automated manner. They also wanted a way to show their extensive FREE to students library books.

Our design concepts for the site were developed around our clients specifications that the site be: inspired by the pop culture of “Mad” (Music TV Channel) and “MTV”, welcoming to parents, and reflect the core business of the site which is English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching and yet not be serious but retain an exceptionally friendly approach to both the teacher and student.

Image of the Moose at Home LogoWe were also requested to design an original logo representing the school and their Moose at Home™ concept. The logo depicts a moose inside a triangle with a smile and a thumbs-up.

We decided to use colour coding as a key visual indicator in the user interface and to identify the different areas in the site using different colour.

To balance the vivid colours, we decided to use them against a white background so as to appeal to the parents and restrict the loud teenage styling to the Header and Footer of the site. As for the text, in the coloured areas we used very dark grey so as to sooth the parents eyes from the loud areas and for the rest of the site we used a matt blue and matt orange for the links.

All in all, the use of colours, layout and design, as well as the content and the unique features of the website (cf. Moose at Home™) makes the school’s website stand out among the multitude of schools’ websites existing in the cyberspace.

Link to the site:

Moose Language Schools – www.mooselanguageschools.gr

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