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PGS Packaging Services

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In short

PGS Packaging Services needed a website which would promote their custom packaging solutions in a professional manner and guarantee them an excellent SEO rating from natural search in Google. The site had to include a private upload area for clients to be able to upload their packaging designs to PGS Packaging Services so as to save them time and money in couriers and travelling.

Our design concepts for the site were developed around our client’s specifications that the site be professional and uncluttered. Last but not least: the client’s product should be the hero.

We were also requested to design an original logo representing PGS Packaging Services as a company that produces packaging that is eco-friendly; it also had to also be able to be printed in a single colour (white or black) thumbnail form on the products produced and depict the core production of the company which is bags and boxes. The result is a logo which depicts both a box the square and the bag formed from the letter “G” which looks like a bag handle. The PGS Packaging Services Logo has exclusively been designed by Handmade CSS Design who is also responsible for the complete company profile and signage, furthermore we re-designed an existing typeface to generate the logo text, specifically the text for the letters P,G and S.

In the user interface we decided to use green colour coding (taken directly from the Logo) as a key visual indicator of this eco-friendly packaging producer and to help the visitor identify with the nature of the business.

Link to the site:

PGS Packaging Services – www.pgs.com.gr

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