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The Divine Light

Spiritualist Society Publications Promotion Site

Image of the Index Page of the Divine Light Spiritualist Society of Athens

In Short

The Divine Light Spiritualist Society of Athens approached us to develop a portfolio site which would also promote their publications but without it being an ecommerce website due to the not-for-profit nature of the Society. The challenge was to create an atmosphere which represented the Society without making the site appear as a sales platform. We did this by using a form which a person intrested in purchasing a publication would notify the Society of their intrest, therby surcumventing the sales process completely, as all sales would be carried out via a face-to-face transaction and not an electronic version thereof.

The sites template was designed in such a way so as to create an atmosphere which was conducive to reading the sample texts of the publications, and the promotion of exploration into the content of the site.

Link to the site

Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light” – Divine Light

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