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Wedding Mall

Site Design and Front-end Development

Image of the Wedding Mall's index page

In short

The Wedding Mall approached us to create their Company Identity, Site Design and Front-end Development of their site. We were requested to ensure that all the external pages of the site did not exceed the viewable area of the screen, which was 1024px x 700px. We were to also develop the internal forms for the site so as to also include the “social networking” style of comunication between the couple and their guests, as shown below…

Image of the Wedding Mall's Guest Page

and then to allow for the couple to follow up the gifts to them via a personalised email or a global email to all (as shown below), whilst allowing for a custom print page for the couple to retain as a momento their wedding conversations with their guests.

Image of the Wedding Malls gift management page

Link to the site

The Wedding Mall – weddingmall.gr

Image of the back button

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