CSS Design

We couldn´t do it all by ourselves!

Over time we have become a team
of six people who all share
the eagerness to develop
outstanding websites
while still having fun.
We believe in thorough
planning and organisation,
hard work, transparency and

about us

We here at Handmade CSS Design passionately build websites up to Business Social Networks that are: Stylish, Accessible, Valid and unmistakably original

We have a reputation for stunning designs (7 International Recognition Awards) with simple to use user interface design and our solutions are scalable to meet the ever growing requirements of our clients.

The success of the websites we build results from our well-honed process. We believe in thorough planning and organisation, hard work, transparency and communication, in turn delivering the best possible website for you and the audience to whom you are accountable. We appreciate that commissioning a website can be daunting, but we’re here to make it simple.

We love what we do; and our enthusiasm and experience really shows. We guide you through the development and ensure you have as much input as you require. With proven project management you always know exactly what’s happening, and we train your team to ensure they can update the site themselves. Rest assured, we’re with you for the long-haul.

All in all, Handmade CSS Design look to protect the investment you make in your web presence. There should be no backward steps in the future, whatever happens to your business or organisation, regardless of how the web evolves. Websites should scale with you and your users as you both grow together. At Handmade CSS Design, we ensure websites can scale with each release, through meticulous planning, research and responsible implementation.

Review of our history…

Handmade CSS Design formed in 2006 out of a strong client demand and the desire to build websites responsibly, provide value for money, and bring web standards and best practice and most importantly return on investment to our clients. Oh, and also an eagerness to create some of the most beautiful websites on the web.

In 2007 the partnership of the two, Nico Haitas and Aristotellis Sobotis has grown into a fully-fledged – design, marketing 2.0, development, media, multimedia, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and micro automation studio (phew what a mouth full). Our unique partnerships with our clients meant growth was inevitable, and we became a team of nine professionals in twelve short months. 2007 was very good to us from the awards point of view too; we were part of the development team bringing the first three international awards for expresspublishing.co.uk.

In 2008, we were amongst the first (in Greece that is!) if not the first to start developing and designing business social networks. Our then brave clients, brave because they agreed to trust us, that this is the future of business websites and the way to promote and do business in this new age of networked social business websites were guided step by step by us into this brave new world of business social networking. We introduced them to weird new terms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and to be honest we have never looked back.

In 2009, we became members of the Aggelopoulos Network of freelance Professionals and we opened Handmade CSS Design House where our offices are now located and represent the core of our business in the core of Athens, and to boot we then went ahead and won another three awards for viladonis.gr, expresspublishing.co.uk/elt/fairyland and expresspublishing.co.uk/elt/upstream.

Wow what a year!

What does the future hold for us?

Well all you have to do is take a look at the CES 2010 Show (Consumer Electronics Show) to realise that the future is mobile, from mobile website development to smart phone apps for Android and iphone alike, and guess what, we have already started to steer in that direction and started to generate content targeted to those markets.

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