CSS Design

We couldn´t do it all by ourselves!

Over time we have become a team
of six people who all share
the eagerness to develop
outstanding websites
while still having fun.
We believe in thorough
planning and organisation,
hard work, transparency and

browser support


During the development of ALL our products:

  • We test all pages for markup validation using the W3C validation service. If a page does not pass validation, there will always be a good reason for it.

  • We also then carry out “Cross browser” testing to ensure that all accessibility features inserted into the site operate as expected. We run our tests in the following Browsers currently:
    • Internet Explorer 6 – PC Platform Dependant Browser
      Note: As of the 1st March 2010 we will no longer offer IE6 Development as part of the standard development packages offered by Handmade CSS Design
    • Internet Explorer 7 and 8  – PC Platform Dependant Browser
    • Mozilla Firefox – PC & Apple Platform Independent Browser
    • Opera – PC & Apple Platform Independent Browser
    • Flock – PC & Apple Platform Independent Browser
    • Safari on both Tiger and Leopard Platforms – Apple Platform Dependant Browser

    Note: Please check here regularly to see which browsers have been added or removed from our testing list!

  • Finally we carry out screen tests on the following screen resolutions and sizes to ensure the readability of the final product on all current resolutions, as listed below:
    • 24’ at 1900 x 1200px HD-TFT
    • 20’ at 1680 x 1050px TFT
    • 19’ at 1280 x 1024px TFT
    • 14’ at 1024 x 768px TFT
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