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Every development company you bump into these days says “Content is King!”, and surprise, surprise we agree!

In recent years, content has been the driving force behind many of the successful online eMarketing campaigns and shows absolutely no sign of slowing down any time soon. While we all know that fact, creating great content can sometimes be difficult and time consuming – that’s where we come in.

Creating content so as to attract, convince and ultimately sell

image of a quotation markIt is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of lifeimage of a quotation mark

Julius Caesar

Creating body content is the science of understanding what search language your visitors use in relation to your company, products and/or services and how they in turn use it to find you! – This understanding drives your own use of language when you are creating your content for your site, eshop, business social network or even blog so as to engage and ultimately keep your audience glued to your site.

Online this usually means avoiding traditional Marketing language as this rarely relates to how we actually use language and what people are quite literally searching for. The genius of all things eMarketing Aris Sobotis never tires of saying “content must include Call to Action buttons or messages to enforce conversion!” and in turn this will convince the visitor that your product, message or service is right for them.

Use your search data

A goldmine of keyword information is already collected by analytics packages, as most reporting solutions supply historic search data providing valuable information to content writers. The words and phrases used in search engine queries are tracked and often the words placed within links (known as “anchor text”) from external sites are also included in that data. This data includes the types of phrases people already use to find your content. Handmade CSS Designs eMarketing specialist Aris Sobotis can assist in merging this data with conversion and ranking data, giving you a massive edge over your competitors.

In-house SEO Training and SEO Consultation

Nobody knows your products, clients and services better than you do! So we offer training to your in-house departments in content creation that ranks as well as it sells whether it be products or your specific message. We offer bespoke training and consultation sessions and in-depth workshops for up to seven people per session. Aris and Nico our senior staff have been conducting successful SEO training sessions across a variety of clients and vertical markets for a number of years.

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