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social emarketing

Imagine knowing what people are saying about you and your brand? Would you like to know?

Our social media and business social knowledge can help you select and place your brand in the direction it wants to go. Need to create a buzz? No problem, our social media eMarketing Techniques can help ensure that your news gets the attention it deserves.

Engage, interact and convert, add some “BUZZ” you control to your brand

A great social media strategy will not only benefit your brand’s reputation and increase direct traffic but will also improve your relevancy on the major search engines. Social network sites such as Facebook, social bookmarking services like Digg or micro blogging on Twitter continues to show an amazing growth with 1000’s of new users day in day out. Can your brand afford to miss out on this opportunity? We doubt it!

Already social networking your company…

More and more this is becoming a common response, but a drop in the ocean is often missed among the millions of accounts fighting for that elusive friend, follower with which to convert into a buying customer.
So what is success? How is it measured? Are there truly any gains to be had from these networks or just a waste of precious company resources?
The answer lies in one simple fact, that is be – outstanding in a crowd! If all around you are wearing black simply wear red trust me you will be outstanding. So now you have the attention what on earth are going to do with it, how are you going to control it, how is this success measured and filtered so as to learn refocus and be outstanding again and again. Finally what if a disgruntled or angry customer wants to vent their anger publically on twitter, what do you do?
Well that is what we are here for, but the point has been made!

Don’t tell me what I already know, engage me with something of interest

As I said before the key is being outstanding. A great example, recently I bought some furniture from an online company named Smart Furniture in the States. Well I found them via Twitter (@NBigger) and then discovered the exceptionally informative blog at blogspot then finally discovered the Smart Furniture eshop having then realised that they sold furniture and not simply offering decorating advise.
Suffice to say I bought from Smart Furniture and when we had a few hiccups during the purchasing procedure due to international laws, Natalie and I were speaking on a daily basis via email. The experience was so OUTSTANDING that I converted to Smart Furniture. Online converted to physical products, converting me via great customer service, that’s what is known as outstanding.
A month after the dust had settled and the furniture was starting to settle in my office there came the next outstanding service feature from Natalie. No this is not a typo even though I have never met Natalie at Smart Furniture the service was so OUTSTANDING that when I refer to the furniture supplier, I refer to Natalie and not Smart Furniture, the experience is now personal (Even though we have never met!). This surprise was a thank you letter, which furthermore asked for my opinion about what I purchased and how important it was to them to read my review of their product advise and my personal experience with the product they had recently sold me.
This is an OUTSTANDING example of engagement, outstanding can be defined in a variety of ways but for this example it is to literally stand out amongst the crowd and providing something of value that people do not normally find, already know or have already seen.
This simple rule ensures that your business will gain the interest which they can then convert to real paying customers, which will also propel you in the social media ranks. A successful social media campaigner will not only need to be armed with this OUTSTANDING ammunition but also have a certain instinct and experience in finding what will work best for your brand so who better to train your social media campaigners in house than Handmade CSS Design.

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